We’ve just taken delivery of our comms system. Not the usual Sena/Cardo units but rather that well know make <ahem> FODSPORTS. 🙄


These units cost us just over £50 each from eBay and include multiple options for helmet mounting (closed and open face).

Fitted to Bell Eliminator Full Face Helmet

Standard bluetooth functionality to connect with smartphones/GPS/etc. and multiway comms for up to 8 riders.

So far we’ve only tested them out for receiving/making calls, which surpassed our expectations in terms of clarity. Waiting for our next group ride to test the multi-way comms properly.

Interestingly, the same unit can be bought under different names and models. There’s little or no difference between them, although we were able to update the firmware on ours using the latest from a different name, ‘BlueRider’.

Time will tell if these work out but for £250 for 5, as opposed to £300+ for one it’s a no brainer. Lots more testing to do, so watch this space…