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We’ve just taken delivery of our new lids. We opted for Roeg Peruna full face helmets with fitted goggles: lightweight, comfortable and bright!

Be safe, be seen, be cool!

A little montage

A quick, and very dirty, video of some of this summers riding. On and off-road. Lots of bumps, jumps and twisty roads. Not a lot else to say…

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The bikes have arrived!

We’ve finally had our remaining bikes arrive from Madrid. Although we’d ordered them back in December 2019, we haven’t been able to get out hands on them until now. The lock-downs across Spain, although important, really threw a spanner into the works. But we’re now over the moon to have them safely in the garage.

3 x Green Hilts and 2 x Grey Hilts – ready and waiting

Now the bikes have arrived we’re booked in with our friend to get some drone footage from some of our favourite routes. We’ll hopefully have something to watch in the coming weeks.

Ride safe!

Puerto San Glorió – Motorcycle Must

We managed a quick trip out yesterday to visit the incredible Puerto San Glorió. One of our favourite spots. Not only because of the incredible views into the Liebana valley; but because of the fantastic twisty roads which lead there.

This a staple for our tours as this location can be enjoyed by riders of all abilities and experience.

Potes wins ‘Capital of Rural Tourism’ 2020 award

Congratulations Potes! Not sure exactly what this means but always good to have recognition for our amazing community in the mountains.

Link here.

Casa Angel

We’re helping out some very dear friends to us by hosting their menu on our site. Casa Angel is a wonderful, family run bar/restaurant in Potes. With current rules in place to slow the transmission of covid-19, we’re hosting their menu on our site so physical menus don’t need to be wiped down after every use. QR codes dotted around the bar will, hopefully, allow customers to easily view the menu without any contact. What a strange world we live in!?!

So, if you’re in the area and fancy some great food, a light refreshment and a wonderful atmosphere, come and check them out.

Menu here.

Steve McQueen

As we’re on lockdown in Spain we have plenty of time to look at photos. We thought this was a great shot taken in our friends garden. What a view!

Top routes on our doorstep

Adventure bike rider has done a run down of the best routes in northern Spain and Portugal. Worth a read.

We’re a big fan of the Potes triangle, although compared to our other routes it’s pretty tame, more of a relaxing Sunday ride. But then we are spoiled with access to permit-only, off-road, mountain routes!

ABS Toggle = 😁

Obviously, ABS is a feature you don’t want to screw about with. Well, not under normal circumstances. Locking wheels on the road is not advisable; but when you’re taking a sharp downhill hairpin, sliding the back end out on loose skree, it can be a lot of fun.

Simple illuminated toggle switch for ABS

With this in mind we’ve made a minor mod to our bikes so we can have a little more control while off-road. By adding a toggle switch we can now de-select the ABS allowing the rear wheel to lock. Once back on the grey-stuff we switch the ABS back on.

The rider gets feedback from the instrument panel to say the ‘ABS is inactive’

Simple! 😜

Comms have arrived

We’ve just taken delivery of our comms system. Not the usual Sena/Cardo units but rather that well know make <ahem> FODSPORTS. 🙄


These units cost us just over £50 each from eBay and include multiple options for helmet mounting (closed and open face).

Fitted to Bell Eliminator Full Face Helmet

Standard bluetooth functionality to connect with smartphones/GPS/etc. and multiway comms for up to 8 riders.

So far we’ve only tested them out for receiving/making calls, which surpassed our expectations in terms of clarity. Waiting for our next group ride to test the multi-way comms properly.

Interestingly, the same unit can be bought under different names and models. There’s little or no difference between them, although we were able to update the firmware on ours using the latest from a different name, ‘BlueRider’.

Time will tell if these work out but for £250 for 5, as opposed to £300+ for one it’s a no brainer. Lots more testing to do, so watch this space…

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